About Us

About Alephion

One host, infinite possibilities.

Whether you are a student with a bright idea, an employee with an entrepreneurial spirit, a business seeking to establish a presence in a global marketplace, or anything between, Alephion is your destination for affordable and reliable web hosting solutions.  Much like the mathematical number set from which we derive our name, Alephion seeks to help you stake a virtual claim on the infinite frontier that is the Internet.  We offer a simplified, yet scalable set of services for your individual or enterprise needs.  Our affordable services include low-cost hosting, painless website set up, public and private domain name registration, and plan functionality that trumps our competition.

The unfortunate reality with many other web hosting companies out in the ether is that you are just another account – a 16-digit credit card number paying for a service. Alephion is different.  We understand our customers, and infinitely value your satisfaction as our highest priority. We get you because our story is perhaps very similar to your own. We began as two college students working out of a small, one-bedroom apartment. With perseverance and perspiration, we have grown into a well-regarded company of professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they might be.

Give Alephion a chance to show you infinite possibilities, and we guarantee that you will not look back. We stand behind our promise that you will find our services to be as advertised and easy to use, or we will refund your purchase. It’s that simple.  All journeys start somewhere.  Begin yours with the expertise of Alephion.